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Special Edition #2 Hoodie "Rien ne vas plus" Black on Black L


Super rare special Edition/Unikat

I was lucky to purchase a black on black version of the Friends Hoodie that looks extra fine and classy!

Hoodie/Pullover in size L (I am 1,63m tall)

From the ongoing series "Friendship's over"
(or "»Rien« means »nothing« and that is what you are to me")

"Do friendships ever end? I had bigger heartbreaks because of friendships that never officially ended then over lovers that left me. How was I able to loose contact to my closest friend way back since kindergarten? Why did I never cry a tear about friendships that lastet 10 years and just exploded in hellfire? Am I a good friend? Do I ask enough about how you're doing? Do I care? Do I answer your messages? Did I forget to listen to your voicemail? Yeah I certainly did forget to listen to your voicemail, and now I have to reply a week too late to something that doesn't matter anymore.
Will I ever be able to maintain a friendship? Will I end up being the loneliest person on this planet? Am I too much? Do I give too little?
Why has no one time for me anymore?
Why is all of this so hard?
Who wants to share their Netflix account with me?"

It's okay when people have nostalgic feelings about "friends" but I never really liked it. I find it kind of annoying and the only relatable person is Phoebe who is also characterised as that quirky cliché of an over exaggerated woman that is too much to handle in her lust for life. [But there is a very good podcast episode with Lisa Kudrow on "Conan O'Brien needs a friend". If you are into comedy you should check it out.]

I didn't really work on these because I wanted to sell them but because I like the finished product, how the hoodies differ and the calming act of focusing on handcraft for once. But obviously I don't need several hoodies that bash an old TV series so I decided seeling them in my shop. They are obviously used so they may have some stains and holes in them if you look closer (as you can see in the pictures), but nothing that makes them unsuitable to show off your hate for sitcoms.

Also each one comes with a certificate of true friendship by your new best friend: me.

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